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My Story!  My Journey!

Back in 2010, Just After finishing her University degree in Nigeria, Ego, a new mum at the time, entered the Uk as a dependant Spouse and remained as a Housewife for 5 years until she met this amazing opportunity.

The mother of two was fully committed to growing an online community of hardworking entrepreneurs.

In no time has become one of the successful Africans worldwide building an online Empire.

Within 3 years in the business became a 6figure earner achieving extra bonus of over £119,000.

First African to hit National Marketing Director, PRESIDENTIAL MARKETING and PRESIDENTIALMARKETINGDIRECTOR PLUS in the multi-billion dollar company she represents.

Her Regular Slogan used across her Team is “NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER UNTIL WE WIN”

I am passionate about helping women and men to break through their mindset issues and reach their next level.

I also teach and mentor people around the world on how to escape poverty.

I was once there in the year 2010 when I joined my husband in the UK, then I was a complete housewife without any form of income.

Things were really hard for me until I met a lady that introduced me on how to make money online without hidden secrets. On joining the business,  my story changed.

5 years ago, I could not afford to go on holiday but today, I can afford anything. Since I joined the business, I had risen to the highest position in my company, and earning 6 figures monthly.

My life has changed since then and I want to change yours. I will teach you everything that will help to change your story and that of your family as well.

  • Mindset Reset 100% 100%
  • Financial Freedom 98% 98%
  • Public Speaking 97% 97%

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